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It's a new dawn, a new day
09 May 2012 @ 11:17
Fandom, I love you but.

a small list of avenger related corrections/things - spoilers, yoCollapse )

There's a few more but I'd have to see the movie again (um, fourth time's the..charm?) -- the hardship! -- to double-check and they've been niggling at me while I read ridiculous amounts of fic/contemplate packing.

eta: LJ version now public.

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It's a new dawn, a new day
26 September 2010 @ 16:44
This is a temporary entry
Rethinking how I use the internet and this journal. Want to be a bit smaller, a bit quieter, so, in the traditional cliché: it's not you, it's me.
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It's a new dawn, a new day
19 December 2009 @ 16:16
new dawn, a new day

Hi. I'm pretty much locked down now. For anything vaguely fannish, try fvckofagun. After ten years of solid fannish participation online, I need a bit of a break.
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It's a new dawn, a new day
11 March 2009 @ 16:45
I have fucked up in the past. I will no doubt continue to trip up over my privileges and fuck up in the future but I will get up, dust myself down and make an honest effort to learn from my mistakes.

I am not talking because my voice is not the one that needs to be heard but I am reading and trying to aid and support where required or wanted.
It's a new dawn, a new day
11 November 2008 @ 06:22
To Victory
(To Edmund Goose)

Return to greet me, colours that were my joy,
Not in the woeful crimson of men slain,
But shining as a garden; come with the streaming
Banners of dawn and sundown after rain.

I want to fill my gaze with blue and silver,
Radiance through living roses, Spires of green
Rising in young-limbed copse and lovely wood
Where the hueless wind passes and cries unseen.

I am not sad; only I long for lustre.
I am tired of the greys and the browns and the leafless ash.
I would have hours that move like a glitter of dancers
Far from the angry guns that boom and flash.

Return, musical, gay with blossom and fleetness,
Days when my sight shall be clear and my heart rejoice;
Come from the sea with breadth of approaching
When the blithe wind laughs on the hills with uplifted

4th of January 1916

-- Siegfried Sassoon.

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